Transforming The Patient Experience

Course Description

The “patient experience” has become a primary and leading excellence benchmark for the performance a best-in-class healthcare organization delivers on quality, safety and service.
The patient experience is a journey that can take a healthcare organization to the top of the patient care league. However, if not efficient, it can also have an adverse impact on an organization’s reputation and sustainability.

This GiRD course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to design and implement a patient experience-based framework to improve the overall performance of their organization.
Participants will learn how to build high performing and engaged healthcare teams, establish and sustain effective clinical relationships, as well as implement strategies and tools to support patient-centered care.

Target Audience

This GiRD course is beneficial for healthcare clinical and non-clinical staff, including healthcare line managers, heads of department and operational executives. Vendors involved in direct and indirect support services will also benefit from the course.

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Transforming The Patient Experience