Sustainable Design and construction: Codes, Standards and Best Practice
Course Description

Driven by social, environmental and fiscal priorities, the sustainable construction movement has gained significant strength and momentum over recent years. With additional pressures from climate change impacts, it is not surprising that government-led sustainable design and construction initiatives are now international in scope with almost 60 national Green Building Councils (including in the UAE and GCC) establishing ambitious performance goals for the built environment in their respective countries.

In this GiRD course, participants will gain an understanding of the importance of adopting forward-looking sustainable development strategies and of approaching each construction project with a clear set of sustainability targets/KPIs. This course is suitable for all GCC participants and will take into consideration the region’s legal framework and Green Building Guidelines as well as draw on internationally established codes, standards and best practice.

The GiRD course covers critical elements to consider at the design and planning stages of a project in order to incorporate sustainable construction principles. Additionally, the course introduces participants to LEED Principles, Environmental Management System (EMS) methodologies and Sustainable Procurement Policy and reviews their effectiveness in the construction context. It also examines Green Building Certification schemes and their role in achieving elevated environmental standards and performance.

Participants will examine a range of methodologies to help them develop their skills as a ‘Sustainability Champion’ at a project level. A Sustainability Action Plan will be developed by each participant and form the basis of an effective sustainable agenda to be implemented in their organization upon returning from the course.

Target Audience

This GiRD course is designed for anyone seeking to discover ways of creating a more sustainably built environment. This could include construction project managers, civil engineers, architects, landscape architects, contract managers, site managers/agents and environmental professionals. Anyone involved with designing, creating, operating, renovating and/or demolishing structures in the built environment will also highly benefit from this GiRD course.

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Sustainable Design and construction: Codes, Standards and Best Practice