Project info

  • Category: Advice, Corporate, Finance
  • Date: 18th - 22nd March 2024
  • Venue: Accra, Ghana

Why Attend

New managers and supervisors face many challenges when they assume their new roles. As a function, management is evolving with changing times, and this means guidance and skill updates are regularly needed. Today’s managers and supervisors are regularly challenged on many fronts, upward, downward and across, particularly when it comes to business relationships, complexities and expectations. Statistically speaking, many find the transition to be rocky and fraught with disappointments. This course gives new managers and supervisors a great foundation to succeed in their new roles and deliver the desired performance and results they themselves expected when they said “yes” to the new post.

Who Should Attend

This course serves new managers and supervisors from all industries, especially those who are keen to get a solid start in management. It is also suitable for those who have made their managerial debut, but have not come to grips yet with their new managerial role, and would therefore, like to fine-tune their performance and management mindset.

Course Outline

  • Managing yourself – Understanding your new role
  • Managing up – Working with your manager
  • Managing down – Working with your employee
  • Managing across – Working with your peers
  • Managing within – Working with your culture and organization