Pharmaceutical Sales: Communicating With Physicians
Course Description

A thorough understanding of your pharmaceutical company’s target audience is crucial when piecing together a marketable claim. The “one-size-fits-all” approach with physicians may have unfavorable effects on the pharma-physician relationship in an era where doctors are short on time, while being flooded with massive amounts of data. As many promotional activities and messaging by the pharmaceutical industry do not resonate with their potential customers, it is essential to plan effective methods for approaching physicians in a changing era of medical practice.

This GiRD course introduces participants to the basic communication skills required to efficiently and effectively address complex clinical or experimental data with physicians. The expectations of the target audience, good data understanding and analysis of the clinical trials, and factors influencing treatment choice by physicians will be thoroughly discussed.
Special emphasis will be placed on the most common physician profiles a pharmaceutical representative may interact with as well as potential challenges these profiles pose.

Target Audience

This GiRD course is specifically designed for individuals responsible for medical/pharmaceutical affairs, marketing, and the field sales forces, as well as anyone involved in implementing effective communication techniques tailored to the different profiles of healthcare professionals.

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Pharmaceutical Sales: Communicating With Physicians