Mastering Maintenance
Course Description

Most companies use some form of maintenance auditing – whether it is to achieve some form of accreditation, to prove or improve responsible operations, or simply to reaffirm that employees are performing as expected. Nevertheless, there is a significant gap between average audits and best-in-class audits. When done properly, maintenance audits can be motivating, informative and will drive high performance.

The GiRD Course Mastering Maintenance Audits has been designed to equip participants with the skills they need to design audits and surveys that are relevant and valuable to their businesses, build trust and rapport with site personnel to foster an atmosphere of collaboration and ambition. The GiRD course provides alternative methodologies for maintenance auditing to enable participants to deliver the right type of audit at the right time as well as the tools and techniques to ensure they are delivered effectively.

This GiRD course uses the Carcaradon model of excellence and delivers expertise on how to use auditing as a foundation and frequent tool for long-term improvement programs, when to bring in experts, and how to build an in-house capability. This GiRD course will provide explanations of best practice, followed by interactive discussions in which participants will be encouraged to take part in exercises and activities in order to implement learning when returning to their organization.

Target Audience

This GiRD course is suitable for maintenance managers and supervisors, planners, schedulers, reliability engineers, project managers, project engineers, operations managers, shift managers, operations supervisors and professionals who are in training for these roles.

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Mastering Maintenance