Managing Shutdowns
Course Description

Shutdowns and turnarounds are the highest risk activities that we routinely perform in industry, but they are also an area of massive variability in approach and outcome.

Many companies do not have written methodologies and have not trained their staff in best practice for shutdown and turnaround management; despite the fact that many shutdowns and turnarounds typically lead to the highest peaks in safety incidents, downtime and fixed cost spend each year. There has also been a historic gap in meaningful guidance – there are very few books on shutdown and turnaround management. Unfortunately, too often companies see shutdowns and turnarounds as something to be survived.

If shutdowns and turnarounds are not properly planned, managed and controlled, companies run the risks of serious safety and budget penalties, costly scheduled delays and negative impact on customers. Industry is full of examples of poor shutdowns and turnarounds, which have injured people and damaged businesses. As a consequence, operators are starting to explore turnaround best practice and establish a more robust methodology.

Managing Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages is based on the Carcharodon “best of the best” Model of Excellence for shutdown management. This model has been created and refined by some of the world’s most experienced shutdown specialists, with all this experience condensed into a core methodology – our blueprint for success. It converts shutdowns from a high risk nuisance to a strategic opportunity and has been used on multiple sites around the world, and has been the basis of two books and is supplemented by a chronological guide to building a successful turnaround.

Target Audience

Turnaround managers, planners, schedulers, reliability engineers, maintenance managers, maintenance supervisors, project managers, project engineers, operations managers, shift managers, operations supervisors and people who are in training for these positions. This GiRD course is also designed for contractors who want to contribute to the shutdown performance of clients.

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Managing Shutdowns