Global Institute of Resource Development Ltd have three main service wings that we offer to our clients. And these includes:



Global Institute of Resource Development (GIRD) Academy focuses on delivering action-packed and tailored training solutions aimed at improving productivity in any organization-public, private, religious, social and the like.

GIRD Corporate Academy operations have not been without theoretical underpinning, we have been less academic and consistently practical in our approach to service delivery in the training industry.
In the pass years, we have delivered practical results and created value for all our clients, who are ever ready to give testimonies regarding the quality of our brand and service

Corporate Academy Programs:
i. Schedule Program.
ii. Customized Training (Both Out and In- House).
iii. Executive Professional Short programs and workshops.
iv. Students Training workshop.


Global Institute of Resource Development (GIRD) takes interest in helping organizations (both Blue chip and small- and medium-size companies) grow and achieve their set goals.
Based on our perfect understanding of the nature and circumstances of the current business environment in Africa, the solutions we create includes

i. Marketing and Branding Consultancy.
ii. Project Management & Business Planning.
iii. General Business Consultancy.
iv. Entrepreneur & Tech Development Program


Our financial wing is focused on serving individuals and institutions in need of financial services. We promise our clients the accomplishment of professional results by creating strong working partnerships with them to identify and figure their requirements.

We follow a client-focused approach that consists of a dedication from our team to put the right efforts to best serve our clients and a willingness to work in close cooperation that leads to the transfer of knowledge to our clients and to achieve better results.

Our objective is not only the successful completion of client projects but we also strive to building up a strong engagement towards our customers.

The range of areas of expertise covered by GIRD includes
i. Credit and Financial Advisory.
ii. Accounting and Book keeping Services.
iii. Payroll Service.
iv. Auditing and Tax Consultancy Service.



Besides our employees and Partners, GIRD’s fundamental asset is its customers. We combine our efforts with standardization of work, continuous research and professional outcome for the purpose of delivering the best service.

We focus on the following concepts to maintain a solid relationship with our clients:

  • Work is delivered within a specific time Framework. Since the first meeting, we collect the needed information to be able to make an assessment of the procedure and process of work, which allows us to set a date for the delivery of our final project. We commit with our client from the start- the submission of a professional result on time.
  • After receiving all the output from our client, we advise them about the possibility of achieving his demand and suggest additional alternatives that might offer them better results based on our experience. We never proceed before ensuring the client’s request will be reached.
  • We follow a transparent approach in serving our clients and we are good listeners. We understand the client demand and explain clearly the procedure of our work to comfort them and make everything flawless.
  • Professionalism and accuracy are crucial notions for GIRD. At GIRD we apply our education, Skills and knowledge, to help Build Capacity, Business Development and financial services and to commit to international standards.
  • Customer relationship management is followed to ensure that our client’s needs are met.
  • Our clients benefit from good value of money. Our output meets the customers’ expectations.
  • Based on our quality and professionalism we assure our customers on a 60 percent (%) money – Back to all our clients when work is not done to satisfaction.

We provide a wide spectrum of services in many industries from which the following industries are part:

i. Agriculture
ii. Construction
iii. Energy
iv. Food & Beverage
v. Health Care & Hospitals
vi. Hotels & Restaurants
vii. Information Technology (IT)
viii. Manufacturing
ix. Media & Telecommunications
x. Public Sector
xi. Real Estate
xii. Services Sector
xiii. Trade & Retail
xiv. Oil and Gas, etc.


We enjoy being challenged:
Our staff is given as much responsibility as they can assume. Every day they are entrusted with interesting problems that are theirs to solve.

We’re collaborative:
We work together with our partners and customers to form the most innovative and effective ideas. Everyone from GIRD up to partners play an important role. Individual contribution is always recognized, but the collaborative environment of project teams often originates breakthrough ideas in GIRD.

We form the best team:
Our Team and partners are full of professionals, who are acknowledged leaders in their chosen fields. Not only for the level of clarity and understanding that they bring, but for their ability to identify practical, workable answers to complex questions. Viewed in aggregate, all GIRD services are unmatched in the depth and breadth of expertise we bring to bear on our clients’ behalf.

We strive to be the best:
We pride ourselves on being the premier Consultancy and Training institutions in Africa. Our employees and partners are the hallmark of our success. They are selected because they are among the very brightest and most innovative analytical thinkers you can ever find. They work hard to not only meet their goals, but also push the envelope and achieve superior results for all our Clients.