Cost Effective Maintenance
Course Description

Maintenance can be an expensive function, but badly planned and poorly performed maintenance can incur significantly greater costs to an organization. Recent years have seen an increasing pressure to “reduce the cost of maintenance”, but this pressure frequently generates a push toward fixed cost reductions without sufficient consideration of the consequences on plant performance, production costs, asset life and even HSE. Some initiatives achieve short-term fixed cost reductions, but cause longer-term issues, such as poor reliability, that have a far greater adverse impact on bottom-line profits. In addition, the majority of fixed cost reduction programs fail to achieve sustainable benefits, yet another sign that achieving cost effective maintenance is far more difficult than anticipated.

This GiRD course is based on established best practice from best-in-class companies and leading consultants. We have developed best practice models and frameworks to bring structure and guidance to this challenge. The complex maintenance functions will be broken down into smaller components so that these can be analyzed, explained and understood more easily.

The maintenance cost and value model used for this course has been applied by leading companies and consultants with its achievements recognized as best practice. This GiRD course will help participants understand the total impact maintenance can have on an organization, identify the key elements and value of cost effective maintenance for their own plants and build improvement programs to both reduce costs and improve performance. The critical elements of maintenance will be covered on the course, from day-to-day activities to shutdowns and reliability improvement. Together, we will break down traditional functional boundaries and enable a holistic approach to maintenance.

Target Audience

Maintenance managers and supervisors, planners, schedulers, reliability engineers, project managers, project engineers, operations managers, shift managers, operations supervisors and/or individuals who are in training for these positions.
This GiRD course is also designed for contractors who want to contribute to maintenance and shutdown performance of clients.

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Cost Effective Maintenance