Consultative and Digital Selling Masterclass
Course Description

This sales GiRD course goes far beyond the transfer of information by enhancing core competencies in both functional and interpersonal areas. The main purpose of this GiRD course is to drive significant improvement in sales force performance by addressing the selling skills, communication practices, and ability to adapt different selling styles to meet customers’ requirements, and to master digital selling best practices to generate leads and increase conversion rates. The GiRD course also focuses on empowering salespeople to progress from transaction-focused selling to true consultative selling which will transform the sales relationship into a collaboration-focused business partnership that produces dramatic, long-term and measurable sales results.

Target Audience

Sales reps, sales supervisors/managers, and account managers who would like to master tactics, selling modes, and embrace futuristic sales practices using digital initiatives that are the foundation of successful modern selling. The GiRD course is also beneficial for people who are involved in commercial activities at all levels of the organization.

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Consultative and Digital Selling Masterclass