Certificate in Stock Management
Course Description

Demand planning is a critical process within Supply Chain Management (SCM) which ensures continuity of supply of the inventory at the lowest cost. Effective demand planning will help the SCM team improve the accuracy of forecasts, ensure enough inventory levels at all times, and enhance profitability by optimizing the expenses. The control side of this process is to ensure that plans are being met and to take the necessary actions when needed.

Demand planners are the ‘behind the scenes’ professionals who are entrusted with this critical responsibility. When they do their job right, no one recognizes them. However, they will be noticed quickly when they fail to deliver, given the negative impact this will have on customer service and the bottom line.
In this course, many demand planning theories, models and best practices will be discussed which will assist the participants in dealing with various future scenarios to ensure continuous flow of the inventory at the least possible total cost.

Target Audience

Those involved in inventory or demand planning and stock control at the operational and supervisory levels. Also, those working in other functions of supply chain management (purchasing, stores, distribution) who need to understand the mechanics of inventory planning and stock control.

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Certificate in Stock Management