Building And Presenting A Powerful Business Case
Course Description

In this GiRD course, you will learn how to use every resource at your disposal to scope a business case and to build a compelling presentation to drive your message forward. By helping you expand your repertoire of analytical tools, this GiRD course will allow you to prepare a credible evidence-based business case in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. In addition to developing the business case, the GiRD course will provide you with the skills to improve your presentation delivery skills regardless of the topic, audience or media used.

Building and Presenting a Powerful Business Case is a hands-on course and will provide you with both a business case toolkit and an opportunity to practice your presentation delivery skills while receive constructive feedback.

Target Audience

All those who wish to improve their business case development and presentation skills to a noticeable level using a strictly hands-on approach. The workshop-type course is particularly helpful for people who have to prepare and deliver presentations to senior management.

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Building And Presenting A Powerful Business Case