Big Data Principles and Practices
Course Description

The rise of Big Data has accelerated the pace of disruption in virtually every industry, creating vast ambiguity and unease. However, these changes are also creating enormous opportunities, as the tools to prosper during the age of Big Data disruption are becoming more accessible and available. To become a disruptor, embracing Big Data and deep diving into the technology is only a part of the answer. It needs to be combined with understanding how Big Data can drive value within our functions, companies, and industries.

During this GiRD course participant gain a thorough understanding of how Big Data is creating new insights that are enabling organizations to develop better products, to service clients in a more personal manner, and to make supply chain processes more efficient. Participants also gain insight into the transformation their organization can go through to become data driven.

Target Audience

This GiRD course is designed for: organizational managers and leaders looking to understand Big Data and take ownership of the Big Data agenda within their companies; functional leaders that are designing the Big Data Roadmap for their function; Big Data practitioners ready to take a business view on Big Data; and experienced practitioners looking to gain latest insights. In short, this GiRD course is for managers wanting to identify what Big Data can do for them and to drive the Big Data Transformation, rather than understand the technical methodologies of what happens underneath its hood.

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Big Data Principles and Practices