Artificial Intelligence Principles and Practices
Course Description

Organizations are creating an avalanche of data, and with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology we can put that data to work in order to increase benefits and reduce costs. With modern technology we can use structured and unstructured data and apply Artificial Intelligence to bring new possibilities to improve decision making, improve company performance and augment human capabilities. However, this new field of science comes with new terminologies, technologies, jobs and organizational processes.

This GiRD course provides participants with the AI literacy to be the AI leader in their organizations, to understand AI concepts, to converse on a qualified level with the data specialists, to create an AI strategy, to know how to set up and run an AI project and to assess the make or buy decision of tooling.

Target Audience

This GiRD course is designed for senior and middle management who recognize that digital transformation is unavoidable; and for those who understand that continuous improvement, innovation and disruption is part of doing business and want to be prepared and reap the benefits of Artificial Intelligence. Understanding of basic technology concepts such as data and cloud is recommended but not required.
In short, this GiRD course is for managers wanting to identify what AI can do for them and to drive Digital Transformation, rather than understand the technical methodologies of what happens underneath its hood.

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Artificial Intelligence Principles and Practices