Advance Communication Skills for Effective Professionals
Course Description

Whether you are presenting your business ideas or attempting to resolve a conflict within your company or team, communication is key to reaching your goal. The aim of this GiRD course is to assist you in becoming a more effective communicator by learning how to identify people’s thinking patterns and preferred learning methods and by tailoring your communication accordingly. You will learn how to use every resource you have available to elevate your speeches and presentations from mundane to captivating. Moreover, in this training course, you will learn how to resolve even the most problematic conflicts using a variety of approaches and proven techniques. You will identify your preferred conflict resolution style and learn how to adapt it to tackle the situations you may face as well as become equipped with the ability to diffuse conflicts and use them as a platform for positive change.

Target Audience

This GiRD course is targeted at employees, supervisors, middle managers and senior managers seeking to take their communication skills, presentations skills and conflict management skills to the next level by developing advanced communication techniques and strategies.

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Advance Communication Skills for Effective Professionals